In fairness to all residents, Table 1 and the Alfresco Room cannot both be booked for the same event.



In fairness to all residents, a maximum of 2 BBQ tables at a time can be booked on the same day.



In fairness to all residents; a tennis court can only be booked for a maximum of 2 hours per day.

Resident Rendezvous

Childminding is fully booked

Resident Rendezvous

2020 Campbelltown City Challenge Walk

Campbelltown City Walk 2020

Cinema under the Stars - February


Important pool reminder

Important Safety Reminder

It is essential all children aged 14 years and under have an adult within the pool enclosure.  We experienced some incidents over the Summer period that could have been avoided if parents had been in the enclosure.  If you see parents not adhering to this all important safety requirement, please contact the Country Club immediately.

Please familiarise yourself with the full code of conduct. Click here.

2020 Opening Hours

Opening Hours - 2020-page-001

Harrington's Bar & Grill

Harringtons Bar & Grill can be contacted directly on 4647 9376.

Trading hours are:



Wednesday to Saturday 12pm - 2:30pm

Sunday 11:00am - 5:00pm



Wednesday - Friday 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Saturday 5:30pm - 9:00pm

2020 AGM's

THE IMPORTANCE OF REACHING A QUORUM: Please note that a quorum is reached when there is 25% of the precinct represented at the meeting either in attendance or proxy votes. If a quorum is not reached at the AGM, the meeting will be rescheduled to be held within 7 days of that date, during office hours. This date will be determined by United Strata Solutions. During this rescheduled meeting, those attending will vote on all Agenda items, including the Precinct Representative position. A quorum is not required for the second meeting, so those attending will vote on and determine all agenda items for that precinct to adopt, regardless of how few people attend. It is therefore in a Precinct’s best interests, and indeed the community’s interests, to ensure a quorum is reached at each Precinct AGM. Physical attendance is not required at the meeting if a Proxy Form is completed and registered beforehand, whereby residents can nominate someone to represent them at the meeting and vote on their behalf. Proxy Forms are available on Grovelife and will also be emailed to all residents prior to the first AGM. These proxy votes do not count at the second meeting if the person nominated as the proxy does not attend that meeting. Residents wishing to vote on Agenda items must be completely up to date with the payment on their fees [due 1 Jan, 2020].


To download the Proxy Form Click here and either email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or give to the person who will represent you at the Precinct AGM meeting.  

2020 Precinct AGMs

PREC AGMs 2020-page-001

Harrington's Bar & Grill Christmas trading hours

Harrington's Bar & Grill has amended their trading times during the Christmas & New Year period. They are closed from Monday, 23rd December 2019 and will reopen Saturday, 18th January 2020.

Level 2 Water restrictions

Level 2 water restrictions have started. Read below for further information Level 2 Water Restrictions

Pool closure

Due to excessive ash from the fires the Country Club pool won’t be open Saturday, 7 December.

Michelia and Magnolia are accessible.

Carols by Candlelight - RFS Donation

It tis the season to be Merry and, in keeping with this, we're happy to announce the Carols event Saturday will proceed as planned.

It is also the season for giving, and with the extent of the fires in NSW, we will be collecting donations for the RFS.

 If you are not attending Carols but are interested in contributing please visit the link below;


Country Club Pool closure

Please be advised that due to circumstances beyond HLS control, the pool at the Country Club will be CLOSED tomorrow (Friday December 6th).

 Works that were booked to be completed on Wednesday were not completed by the Contractor. They have assured us they will be onsite tomorrow to undertake these works.

 We do apologise for any inconvenience this causes. Pools at Magnolia and Michelia remain open and available for use.

Santa's Letterbox

It's Christmas time again and you know what that means? It's time to write to Santa! 
Harrington Grove has received a special letterbox from Santa which is located next to reception, for children to write their letter and send direct to the North Pole. 

*Santa also asks if you can please write your address on the back of the envelope so that he can reply santa letterbox

Bush Fire Survival Plan

It is important for all families to have a bush-fire survival plan. Attached are some links to help you prepare.
Take care of yourselves and your pets in these extremely severe conditions.
Bush Fire Survival Plan
Fires Near Me App

Harrington Grove Resident is winner of 2019 Garden Competition

Congratulations to Harrington Grove Resident - Mr Di Pede for taking out this year's Grand Champion award in the Camden Council Garden Competition.

Aqua Class

Our Aqua Class starts Thursday 17 October, at 9:30am. 


Pool code of conduct


Oran Park Drive/Harrington Parkway Intersection and Upgrade to Oran Park Drive

Community Update

School Holidays Program - Science Fun

Water restrictions Update

Further Water restrictions will apply as of Sunday 2 September, 2019. Community water officers will be patroling Sydney suburbs and penalising individuals not following restrictions.


Water restrictions come into play 1 June

HLS are working closely with Skyline on current water restrictions in place and as such all irrigation all irrigation will be running of a night from 5pm – 6am sections will run off 15- 30 minute intervals.

The water cart is permitted to conduct business as usual at this stage of strictions, we will be utilising the water cart and irrigation systems to keep our plant and grass life alive as opposed to insuring that they are looking green.  We are projected to have rain over the coming weeks during this time HLS and Skyline will be monitoring the need and use of the water cart.

We encourage residents to report residential breaches or concerns to council as HLS do not  have the authority to police water restrictions. 

Please see the bellow links in regards to water restrictions:


Your Landscaping Team

 Your Landscaping Team

Skyline Landscape Services was awarded the maintenance services of Harrington Grove estate in February and have been busy during the very demanding season of high growth for lawns and gardens across the state. 

The landscaping team onsite consists of 5 people undertaking landscape maintenance and building maintenance across the three clubs and estate as a whole. 

Christina Palumbo is the Area Supervisor who is responsible for developing and achieving the teams weekly schedule as well as engaging with Camden Councils mowing teams to compliment their services to Harrington Grove. Christina has many years of experience in high profile estates having spent some time at Breakfast Point Estate before taking over the maintenance and eventually the supervision of Cape Cabarita Estate. 

Skyline Landscape Services is proud to undertake the landscape maintenance of Harrington Grove and look forward to making continual improvements across the estate through the Autumn and Winter periods in preparation for Spring growth. 


White Clover is a creeping perennial weed with a very vigorous growth habit. It is easily recognizable by its green, trifoliate compound leaves. The flowers are white and resemble a small pom pom, which usually extend beyond the height of the leaves. Flowers usually occur from spring to autumn. Due to its vigorous, flat growth habit, it is able to spread rapidly and easily compete with turf species. Although seen as a troublesome weed in many states across Australia, White Clover can be difficult to eradicate and is often a topic of debate within many gardening communities as it brings with it many valuable qualities to organic gardening practices, yet can be highly troublesome for anyone wanting the perfect lawn. One of the easiest methods to control White Clover is to undertake a post-emergent selective herbicide application to spray out and eradicate the weed. This is usually undertaken over a couple of applications to get the best results. Our lawn technician is currently undertaking post emergent herbicide applications across the common area lawns of Harrington Grove for broadleaf weeds including White Clover.


You may have noticed the team planting out new annuals at the Harrington Grove entry statements and selected parks across the site. The new plantings are called Dianthus and are an annual plant that is ideal for bringing a bright splash of colour to the garden. Dianthus are great in pots, hanging baskets and borders. These hardy plants have a neat and compact habit and come in a beautiful mix of colours.


Tennis Superstars

Grove Tennis' John Thompson took 12 players to Melbourne in the January school holidays.  Two of our players Kelsey Lewis and Emerson Banning won the Tennis Australia AMT singles and doubles tournaments on the way.

April 2019,  The dynamic duo Kelsey and Emerson, travelled with the Grove Tennis team to Swan Hill and Mildura AMT tennis tournaments, where Kelsey and Emerson played each other in the final of the 18 and under tournament in Swan Hill.  The girls then went on to Mildura where Emerson made the semi finals of the Opens women’s singles and Kelsey ended up winning the whole tournament in the AMT open womens event.  The two girl also teamed up together to win the Open women’s doubles title.

Most recently Kelsey and Emerson were at it again in Bathurst.  They played each other in the final of the Opens women’s singles where Kelsey won.  They teamed up to win the doubles title also, both girls have obtained their best tennis Australia rankings and they will be pushing hard to make it on the Professional circuit.

Also we have a junior tournament trip for 10 of our up and coming players to Wollongong in July to play in a JDS event (Tennis Australia Junior Development Series), all of our players have shown amazing talent and are really enjoying the fun environment down at the Grove.

Opening Hours

Opening Hours - 2020-page-001

Caring for your Trees

The street trees in Harrington Grove have been maintained in the Harrington Estates Nursery before being planted in your street, after which it becomes the responsibility of individual residents to take care of their street tree/s. Our landscape team strongly recommends giving them a weekly water, an annual fertilizer treatment and perhaps even mulching around the base of the tree to prevent the soil from drying up. If you'd like any specific advice on the care of your tree, please feel free to email us and we'll put you in contact with our landscapers, who would be only too happy to assist you with your enquiry.

2019 Events calender

2019 events calender is now live and can be found under Event bookings.



Local Snake Catcher

Contact Corey – M: 0455 570 000 

Sydney Wildlife - 9413 4300 

Bob Gleeson - 0408 237 877 / 0427 238 877




Garbage Bins

A friendly reminder to all residents that garbage bins must be placed on the verge for council pick up and not the road. Placing bins on the road creates a safety hazard and is not in line with the estate compliance guidelines   

Facilities update

The following projects are taking place throughout the estate in the coming months: 

Country Club Gym is to receive a face lift in the form of new cardio equipment, a reconfiguration of the gym layout and new and improved flooring. These works will involve the brief closure of the gym from Monday 24 September and then will reopen on Monday 1 Oct at 8.30am  

New rubbish bins to be introduced in all the estate parks in the coming months.

The Michelia Club Playground expected opening is the 8th September inclusive of shade sails, weather permitting. HLS would like to apologise on behalf of the contractors for the extensive delays experienced.  

Asphalt overlay in Laurina will take place 17-27th September. Contractors will be conducting a mail drop and walk around prior to commencement to ensure residents are aware of the schedule.  Governor Drive in it’s entirety will also receive overlay during this period in time.  Michelia East is the next phase of the asphalt overlay, dates will be relayed once confirmed with contractors.

Contactors are working on closing off access to both Dancerwood Forest and Crear Hill.  This is to remove vehicle access into these areas to limit undesirable loitering, the starting camp fires and large amounts of abandoned rubbish

A kitchenette in the Michelia Club, has now been installed directly outside the gym and is fully functioning, resulting in All’aperto bookings having exclusive use of the large kitchen.



August Maintenance Update

Ongoing maintenance continues throughout the estate. The items listed below are some of the major maintenance works that have taken place this quarter.

Security Cameras - All security cameras have continued to operate with minimal outages and have required limited maintenance over the past quarter.

Fountain  - Commencement of maintenance to the Country Club entrance fountain began in June. After numerous inspections it was established that the fountain required intense cleaning, waterproofing of the lighting, review of pump pressure, correction of electrical with existing lighting and re-grouting. Works were completed to ensure the integrity of the fountain including the prevention of water seepage, lighting and pump functionality and general aesthetics of the structure itself.

Tennis Courts - The Tennis Courts have continued to be monitored this quarter with no evidence of movement or cracking taking place.

Club Doors - RECEPTION DOORS: HLS continues to monitor the front entry doors to the Country club, with only one incident of malfunction this quarter.   COMMUNITY DOORS: The concertina doors in the Community Room are now fully functioning after having the floor runners and door carriage mechanisms replaced. Operation of the doors has now been limited to HLS staff who have been trained on how to open the doors to avoid future damage.  

Outdoor Club Maintenance - The irrigation upgrade for the Country Club and surrounds took place during May/June.  The aging drip system was replaced with a sprinkler system which was essential to ensure the landscaping, including lawn and garden beds, receive adequate watering.  The installation of the new system has resulted in some patchy lines within the lawn, these areas are being monitored and are getting special attention by landscaping specialists to ensure regrowth. It is likely to be Spring/Summer before the grass will recover completely.

Pool - Advantage has been taken of the pool closure to drain the pool and reaffix the pool lane bolt securely to ensure the lane rope dividers can be utilised at the beginning of the swimming season. Thorough scrubbing and cleaning of the pool, furniture and paving was also undertaken during the closed period.

MAGNOLIA CLUB - In keeping with the Camden Council pool guidelines and a compliance certificate issued by Council, hedges surrounding the Magnolia Club pool enclosure were removed and replaced with potted colour and ground cover plantings.  Maintenance has been undertaken on the timber deck including sanding and oiling of the deck. External furniture, BBQ structures and playground equipment are also due to be sanded and oiled in the coming weeks. Magnolia Club pool movement continues to be monitored by an external engineer organised by Dandaloo.

MICHELIA CLUB -  As with any new build, a list of defects and system tweaking has been required. We have been working closely with specialists on pool, landscaping, lighting, AV, security and heating. In addition to monitoring the functionality of the building and ensuring the facility is working correctly and without fault, additional projects/additions are also being researched; for example, window coverings, wall hangings for TV remotes, adjustment in locks, inclusion of the third and final club with existing maintenance contracts (pool, fire and pest maintenance).

Community Report

The current Community Quarterly Report has now been emailed to all Precinct Reps for distribution. To download a copy please click here

Maintenance Update

The following are some of the major maintenance projects currently being carried out throughout Harrington Grove: 

Repairs to the Country Club Fountain have commenced to rectify some of the ongoing issues. This has resulted in the fountain being emptied, lighting repaired, leaking pumps fixed, water proofing updated, tiles being polished and general maintenance completed.      

The repairs to the Lomandra Rise Playground will take place over the next week with the replacement of the broken equipment.  We would like to thank Lomandra Rise residents for their patience throughout this time.    

Michelia Club continues to have a number of projects undergoing completion including de-rusting the fountain.  The playground is due to be installed by the end of July and painting within the club is in the process of being completed.   

There has been an injection of new mature trees along Cameron Circuit in Dianella, giving a lovely tree landscape from Oran Park Drive into the estate.  

Irrigation throughout the estate is continuing to be upgraded with the Country Club grassed areas and amphitheatre now complete.  The Magnolia Sound Wall irrigation has also recently been upgraded. This upgrade to the system will ensure that watering continues to be completed as efficiently and effectively as possible.    

There have been numerous reports of ducks in the pools at the clubs.  Our maintenance teams are aware of this and are implementing strategies to deter them from taking up residency for the winter.

Over the next month there will be new plants being planted along Forestgrove Drive from the Magnolia Club down to Oran Park Drive 



Michelia Gym Access

The Michelia Gym is an unmanned gym that is available for the residents of Harrington Grove to utilise 24hours a day, 7 days a week. 

In order to access the gym residents must: 

1) Complete an additional induction form, acknowledging the gym is unmanned and working out is at your own risk 

2) Acknowledge you are aware of all emergency exists, duress alarms, first aid kit & defibrillator  

3) Return completed form to the Country Club so access can be updated on your card and the relevant label added

4) Request an induction if you would like a demonstration from a qualified instructor on how to use the equipment 


People over the age of 50 must produce a doctors clearance to be granted access  

Please note that if residents are found to be allowing others into the gym, their access to the gym will be suspended

To download a copy of the necessary form, click here 

Estate Compliance

The Community Association has instructed Harrington Lifestyle Services to enforce the Compliance Policy in the

estate, based on feedback from the community.

The policy remains in line with the rules outlined in Community Management Statement, the Deed of Covenant and

Section 88B, which all residents agreed to prior to moving into the estate.

A copy of the Community Management Statement can also  be found on the website under the Community Association tab.


EstateComplianceInfo AUG2018

Country Club Pool

The Country Club Pool will now remain open til Monday 14 May, giving residents an additional two weeks to take advantage of the beautiful warm weather. The Magnolia Club pool will still close on Tue 1 May as planned due to scheduled maintenance. All pools will reopen on Fri 21 Sept, just in time for the school holidays! 

March Newsletter

Check out the latest newsletter to be hand delivered to the residents of Harrington Grove by Clicking here.  


February Community Association Meeting

The Quarterly Community Association Meeting took place on Thur 1 Feb and Meeting Minutes have since been emailed to Precinct Reps for distribution. Meeting Minutes are also available on Grovelife under Community Association/Meeting minutes or by clicking here 

Latest Community Manager's Report

The Community Manager's Report for Nov 2017 - Jan 2018  has now been given to the Precinct Representatives for distribution and is available by clicking here or under Community Association/Community Reports on Grovelife.   


A friendly reminder that your fees are due 1 Jan 2018, however HLS recommends paying the fees before Christmas to avoid issues relating to blocked access during the holiday period if fees are overdue. As United Strata (USS) closes over the Christmas holidays, their staff will not be available to instruct HLS to reactivate access cards once overdue payments have been received and HLS cannot reinstate access without their written consent, despite the presentation of receipts etc. If you did not receive your invoice last month, please email USS asap and request in writing to have your invoice sent to your email address instead. USS repeatedly state that all residents should now be aware when their fees are due, therefore the 10% fee reduction will not apply if you didn’t pay on time due to not receiving your invoice.

Christmas Holidays Opening Hours


The opening hours for Christmas and the school holiday period for both the Community facilities and Harringtons Bar & Grill can always be found on the website under OPENING HOURS. There will be no group fitness classes between Boxing Day and New Year’s Day and a reminder that FitKids, Grove Mums & Bubs and Grove Walkers do not continue during the school holidays.

The Bar & Grill will be closed from 3pm Christmas Eve and will reopen on Fri 5 Jan, 2018.

United Strata will be closed from Thu 21 Dec and will reopen on Mon 8 Jan, 2018.

Please see the Opening Hours link above and the website for the Opening Hours for the Community facilities.


Please note that, as per the code of conduct, access cards are not transferable and cannot be given to your children or to friends or relatives to use whilst you’re at work or home etc. An adult resident must be onsite at all times if their guests or children are using the facilities. The owner of the access card can be suspended from using the facilities if it is found that they have given their card to someone else whilst they aren’t on the premises.

Community Events Survey Results

Thank you to all residents who took the time to complete the recent Community Events Survey. It was great to see so many residents complete the survey and to receive such overwhelmingly positive feedback about the Community Events Program. To see a review of the results, please click here  

Community Manager's Report

The current Community Managers Report has now been emailed to all Precinct Reps for distribution. To download a copy please click here


Precinct Representatives

A reminder that each precinct representative on the Executive Committee of the Community Association performs their duties completely voluntarily, with no remuneration from the community or from any other source. It can be an extremely time-consuming role representing and investigating the views of residents within their individual precincts, as well as looking after the welfare of the community as a whole. All Reps are required to do this in conjunction with their fulltime jobs and family roles. Harrington Lifestyle Services acknowledges and appreciates the knowledge and skill that each Precinct Representative has brought to the Committee so far and the effort that each member of the Committee has put in to ensure the community is managed effectively and responsibly.

Understanding how the community budget works

Harrington Lifestyle Services has been responding to many queries from residents regarding requests for a variety of additional services or equipment such as increased security, additional parks, the installation of bubblers, security cameras and garbage bins around the estate, an indoor swimming pool, gym equipment, more free aerobics classes etc. It is important for the community to realise that since February 2017, Harrington Grove’s sole source of income is now the levy fees paid by the community. The Community’s budget has been set according to these fees and that budget is approved by the Community Association and then managed by HLS. Any large variations to this budget would need to be approved by the Executive Committee of the Community Association, and could only occur by reducing the same amount from another area within the budget or by increasing the levies.  

Water Trucks

Many of you would be aware that this winter was the driest winter Sydney has experienced in 15 years. In the past few weeks, our landscaping teams have been using water trucks to help combat the effects of the dry weather on the common verges and street trees and will continue to do so until the estate receives some good rain. Although this is an expensive process, it is a vital one to keep the trees and grass alive during the extreme weather we’ve been experiencing. We would also encourage residents to regularly water your own street trees and lawns during this particularly dry period and before the hotter weather sets in to exacerbate the issue. It should be noted that the developers are not responsible for replacing dead trees on residents’ verges, so it’s very important that your street tree receives a little TLC at the moment!

Pool Code of Conduct

We have already witnessed some unruly behaviour in the pools, particularly from the teenage/youth group. If residents experience any behaviour that makes them uncomfortable or is perceived as being a safety issue, we ask that you immediately call reception from poolside or inform a staff member while the offenders are still onsite. As the pool is unmanned, staff are unable to take any action unless informed by residents while the behaviour is occurring. Staff can then remind offenders of the Code of Conduct, perform a spot card check, keep a close eye on the cameras and follow up accordingly.      

Major points regarding the pool Code of Conduct:

  • People jumping off the wall into the Country Club pool can be asked to leave immediately
  • No large inflatables or hard balls such as tennis balls, volleyballs or soccer balls are permitted in the pools
  • No swearing, bombing, somersaulting or rough play
  • An adult resident must supervise children under 14yrs from within the pool enclosure
  • Glassware and alcohol are not permitted within the pool enclosure
  • Please stay off the lane ropes, to avoid further expense when they break, and stay out of the lap lanes unless doing laps

Access to Clubs for children 14-17yrs

With the start of the school holidays, we have been experiencing some issues with access to the facilities from residents aged 14-17yrs. Could parents please take note of the current rules regarding access for those under 18yrs:

  • Parents cannot give their children, or anyone else, their access card to be used at the Clubs. Cards are not transferable and your access can be suspended if others are found in possession of your card
  • Residents aged under 16yrs cannot use the facilities without full supervision of an adult resident, who therefore must be onsite at all times
  • Residents aged 16yrs – 17yrs can use the facilities without supervision of an adult, however they are not permitted to bring any children in who are under 16yrs, unless an adult resident is present and is responsible for the child
  • Residents aged 14 – 15yrs cannot bring non-residents in to use the facilities unless accompanied by an adult resident
  • All residents aged 14yrs and over must have had an induction in order to receive an access card to be able to use the facilities

Facilities update

Tennis Court 2 update -

Following a period of thorough consultation with the appropriate personnel, Harrington Estates recently received quotes to repair Tennis Court 2, however they have been waiting on an independent review from a trusted engineer, who unfortunately has been delayed in providing his report. We have been told that the engineer expects this report to be finalised within a few weeks, after which the contractors will be engaged to complete the work, pending their availability at the time. Harrington Estates will keep the community informed about any progress regarding the court repairs via the newsletters distributed by Harrington Lifestyle Services.


Magnolia Pool Repair - a note from the developers, Harrington Estates

To date several residents have raised concerns regarding the structural repair of the Magnolia Club Pool in 2016. We have provided the following information to explain the cause and nature of the repair.

In late 2015, it was identified that the Magnolia Club Pool surface was cracking. The cracks were local to the center of the pool, around the plastic valve lid. The pool was under the defects liability period of the builder. The cracks were marked as a defect and considered minor in nature. After monitoring the cracks over some time, it was reported that the cracks had extended and increased in thickness. The builder then undertook an investigation to understand the extent of the cracking surface. The investigation found that the pool was leaking from the cracks. As the pool was being used frequently during the spring and summer seasons, it was decided to seal the cracks and repair the pool during the closed period of winter in 2016.

Over the next few months the builder’s engineers continued their investigation to determine the cause of the fault. Harrington Estates (as the developer) also engaged an independent engineer to assist in the study and provide a second opinion. This process took several months and required sampling of the pool base in the closed winter period to confirm the conclusion. It was found that the steel reinforcement in the concrete around the center value was insufficient. The repair required the removal, replacement and recertification of a large area of the pool’s base. The builder completed this completely at their cost. The repair works completed were a success and have been monitored closely since, with no further issues identified to date.

It is important to note that throughout the process, no costs were charged to the Community or Precinct Associations as it was a construction matter for the developer and builder to address.                           

   Dave Lazzaro, Development Manager

Building Compliance

The Community Association is currently making changes to the way compliance is managed within the estate. This will be rolled out in stages over the upcoming year or so. We would therefore like to give you all a friendly reminder of the Building Guidelines for your precinct and strongly advise that you read these guidelines prior to making any external changes or renovations to your home or property, particularly if those changes will be visible from the street.

The top Five breaches of Building Compliance Items that the Sales team/Harrington Estates have had to enforce recently are:

  • Corner Lot Fencing
  • Front Fencing
  • Return Gate
  • Landscaping within the Council verge
  • Landscaping maintenance

If you are unsure of the requirements within the estate or within your precinct, please either refer to your Precinct Building Guidelines or contact Harrington Lifestyle Services on 4631 3200 and we will refer you to the person who can assist you with your enquiry. Doing so can save you a lot of money in the long run!

Security Patrols

We continually see posts on facebook pages questioning the frequency of security patrols and would like to refer residents to the AGM report earlier this year which addressed these concerns. 

As a reminder, Harrington Lifestyle Services manages the security patrols within the estate according to the budget that is set by the Community Association (your Precinct Reps). The current Community budget allows for one guard for an average of 10 hours per 24hr period. In order to increase security patrols during high risk times such as during the Christmas period, school holidays, public holidays etc, hours must therefore be banked in small increments (ie a few hours a week) during quieter times.

The developers, Harrington Estates, also fund additional security in newly developed areas as required, to help deter dumpers and thieves who historically target building sites and vacant blocks. Although these guards are not funded by the Community budget, the developers generously allow them to also patrol the rest of the estate during these shifts. However, when the developers stop these extra patrols during quieter times, it can give the perception that Community security hours are being reduced, which isn’t the case.

The Community Association can choose to increase the security budget to pay for extra guards, but that means the funds will have to come from either a large reduction in another area of the budget, or an increase in Community fees. This is the decision of the Community, not Harrington Lifestyle Services, and it is therefore up to residents to put forward any suggestions in this regard to their Reps or Precinct Committees for the Reps to discuss at their Executive Meeting.

To confirm, there has been no reduction in the average number of hours for security per night, paid for by the community budget, since the Community Association started running the estate in Feb this year. Residents have simply been used to seeing more guards around up to that point, as the developers previously covered that cost during the mass construction phases.

Logging on to Grovelife

For residents who are unsure of their username to access Grovelife, it is written on your Access Card. It is the first three letters of your precinct, followed by your lot number, then the individual number that you represent in your household eg MIC-999.01. The way it is written on your card, is the way you should type it into the username login section on Grovelife. Your password would have been automatically emailed to you after your induction, however please click on Forgot Password or call reception if you need your password to be reset.

Booking Policies

Residents are asked to read the relevant FAQ documents prior to their booking to ensure they are aware of their responsibilities, as well as the processes and rules involved when booking a particular community facility. It is also important that all residents respond to emails or calls from the Grovelife Bookings Officer or it will be assumed that you no longer require your booking and it will be cancelled. Finally, staff may have to cancel bookings when residents do not return their signed Conditions of Use form within two weeks of making their booking (when a form is required). These tighter procedures are based on resident feedback and are for the benefit of all residents to help ensure that as many facilities as possible are available for the entire community to use.

Gym Equipment

A reminder to all gym users to please put the weights back to where they belong after each use and to not move the bigger equipment to different locations within the Gym. As the Gym is unmanned, Community staff have to call on the Maintenance Team to relocate the equipment almost on a daily basis, which takes them away from the extremely busy workload they have elsewhere within the estate. Thanks!

Community Manager's Report - July 2017

The Community Manager's report for May - July 2017 has now been given to the Precinct Representatives for distribution and has also been posted on the website under Community/Community Reports.   

Precinct Photo Competition

Residents have often captured stunning photos of the estate and shared them on social media. With this in mind, and as part of our 2017 Estate of Origin series, we are now launching a Precinct Pride Photo Competition where residents will be invited to capture the best of their precinct as seen through your own eyes. The top entries received from each precinct will be displayed at the Club and the overall winner will have their photo placed on the website, and their precinct name engraved on our Estate of Origin trophy, accompanying Maculata, winners of the recent Trivia Night. Thanks to Tina Pink [Lomandra] for being the inspiration behind this initiative

Photo Comp 2017 web

Community Association Meeting

Please be advised that the date for the next Community Association Executive Meeting will be Wed 16 August. Your Precinct Rep should inform you soon when your next Precinct Meeting is being held, so you can communicate any issues or feedback to your Precinct Committee or Representative prior to the Executive meeting. I will also be sending out another report prior to that meeting outlining any agenda items to be raised at that meeting. This report will also be posted on the website. Once again, a list of all Precinct Representatives can be found on the website, and a copy of the previous reports emailed to all residents are also on the website for those who may have missed them.  

Magnolia Club Bookings

Just a reminder that external suppliers such as jumping castles, marquees and pizza/food vans are unfortunately not permitted at the Magnolia Club. If you wish to use these suppliers, you are most welcome to do so at the Country Club instead.

We are also experiencing some issues with residents trying to use both Table 1 and/or the communal lounge areas of the Magnolia Club at the same time as booking the Alfresco Room. Please note that residents are not able to extend their functions into the communal areas of the Club if they have a booking in the Alfresco Room or Table 1. These communal areas must always be kept aside for residents who wish to visit the Club at any time to utilise those spaces, especially considering the reserved areas of the Club are in such high demand on weekends now.

It should also be highlighted that Table 1 cannot be used for any more than 10 people per booking, therefore additional tables and chairs cannot be brought into that area to accommodate extra people, as it impacts upon the communal areas of the Club. Thanking you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

Community Reports

Over the last few weeks, Precinct Reps have emailed all residents within their precinct a copy of the AGM Report, the Community Manager’s Report and the Outcomes of the Community Association Quarterly Meeting. It appears that some residents who have a gmail or bigpond email address may not have received some of these reports, or it may have gone to junk mail, so they have also been posted on the website under Community/Community Information for your convenience. Please click here to also access them

Maintenance Update

Tennis court 2 is currently undergoing an assessment for repairs and will be closed until those repairs are complete.

The swimming pools will be closed for winter from Monday 1 May and at this stage are planned to re-open Friday 22 Sept in time for the school holidays.

One of our new lane ropes in the Country Club pool has been removed due to damage sustained at the point where the rope connects to the wall. The wall will be repaired when the pool is shut down for winter. We'd ask that residents and their guests please refrain from sitting on the lane ropes to help prevent similar damage in the future

Unloading for Events at the Country Club

We have had some near misses of late outside the front entrance of the Country Club due to people loading and unloading for their events downstairs in the Community Room or in the BBQ areas. Could we please ask for all residents and their guests to ensure they unload/load from the carpark to avoid creating blind spots in the driveway entrance near the front doors. Community staff will be happy to provide you with some trolleys to assist you in transporting your equipment downstairs for your event. Those using the Amphitheatre are welcome to drive their car up to the side gate and unload from there after informing reception, however cars cannot drive into the amphitheatre itself due to obvious safety reasons. Exceptions can be made for certain vendors with extreme loads, however this must be pre-arranged with our Grovelife Bookings Officer as there are very strict conditions surrounding this. Thank you for your  cooperation with this important safety issue.

Precinct AGM's

Thanks to all residents who turned up to their Precinct AGM or sent in their proxy vote. It was great to see so many of you involved in the meetings. We will be putting together a summary of Q&A’s raised at the meetings as well as the details of the Precinct Reps who were voted in at each AGM. These will all be emailed to you in the upcoming weeks and will also be posted on the website.


Click here for the AGM flyer outlining the days and times of each individual meeting.


We strongly suggest that residents building in the newer areas of Harrington Grove protect your property from dumping, and your deliveries from theft, by erecting fencing on your land, installing cameras, informing neighbours on your building schedules and letting us know if you see any suspicious activity in your area. Unfortunately we've had some reports of delivered goods being stolen from some properties currently under construction, so please do keep an eye out for your neighbours and report any incidents to us so that we can adjust security patrols if necessary.


The street trees in Harrington Grove have been maintained in the Harrington Estates Nursery before being planted in your street, after which it becomes the responsibility of individual residents to take care of their street tree/s. Our landscape team strongly recommends giving them a weekly water, an annual fertilizer treatment and perhaps even mulching around the base of the tree to prevent the soil from drying up. If you'd like any specific advice on the care of your tree, please feel free to email us and we'll put you in contact with our landscapers, who would be only too happy to assist you with your enquiry.

FREE Spartan Race Training - starting Mon 13 Feb

Are you Spartan tough? Test yourself at the Spartan Race 2017, being held in Picton on Saturday 6 May. It is a 7km track including 20 physical demanding obstacles with plenty of leg testing hills and terrain. In order to prepare yourself for the challenge, Grovelife’s Personal Trainer Bianca will be running FREE weekly Spartan Race Training sessions to get you both mentally and physically prepared for the race. The Training Sessions will alternate between Monday mornings and evenings at 6.00am and 6.00pm at the Country Club gym, commencing Mon 13 February, at 6pm. To register for the actual race, go to www.spartanrace.com.au  and join Harrington Grove’s Spartan Team. Team Entry Name: Harrington Grovers.

Tennis Australia's Hot Shots at Harrington Grove

HotShots Master Brandmark RGB-2014Following an extremely successful launch of the new Hot Shots program recently, Grove Tennis Director John Thompson has now introduced this new and exciting accredited Tennis Australia program here at the Grove, running on a term by term basis. As shown on TV, Hot Shots is a developmental fun program for kids which caters for four different levels of ability, so anyone can join in and play with others of similar ability! Guided by qualified Tennis Australia coaches, kids are encouraged to develop at their own pace, moving on to the next stage when they are ready.

For more information on the Hot Shots Program for kids, please contact Tony from Grove Tennis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   M: 0418 414 780 or click here for the flyer


Just reminding all residents that trailers, unregistered vehicles, boats and caravans cannot be parked in the estate if visible from the street.

Trucks are not permitted to be parked in the estate at all and bins must also be placed behind your gate/fence-line.

Regular patrols are conducted throughout the estate and unfortunately more serious action has had to be taken of late. We'd obviously much prefer not to have to take the harder line in this regard however, so we ask all residents to please act in the best interest of the community and follow the clear regulations on this matter, as outlined in the Community Management Statement, which is saved on the website for your reference under Community/Documents.


What a brilliant day we all had last week at our Australia Day event where over 600 of our residents and guests had a fantastic time sizzling and sliding to the great music from the School of Rock. Judging by the numbers and the feedback received, it was one of our biggest and best events yet and it was great to see how our residents and their families came together to celebrate Australia Day - the Grove Way. A big thanks to our committed Community team and our amazing volunteers who make running an event like this so much easier. We have already started working on next year's Australia Day event which will be even bigger and better than this one! Thanks for your support!

Australia Day Gym Timetable

As Australia Day is a public holiday, there will be no Cardio Box classes held at 9.30am and 7.00pm on Thur 26 Jan.

Please also note that access to the group fitness room on this day will be restricted, due to the Australia Day Sizzle & Slide Event.

As per usual the gym will open at 8.30am on the public holiday and close at 9.00pm.

Last chance to book in for the school holiday workshops!

Bookings for the Dance Workshop and Cricket Clinic close Friday 13 Jan!


Join English international cricket legends on Mon 16 Jan from 9am – 1pm for 


a fantastic Cricket Clinic opportunity of a lifetime!

Then Move it and Groove it on Tues 17 Jan with a Dance Workshop in Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Funk and Zumba from 9am – 1pm.

John is also at it again with his popular Sports Camp from Mon 23 – Wed 25 Jan 9am – 12 noon.

For programming purposes, no late registrations can be accepted, so please make sure you book early online to avoid disappointment!

summer holiday 2017 flyer web

Community Fees

Just a reminder to ensure that all community fees are up to date to avoid having your access placed on hold over the holiday period. United Strata are closing from lunchtime 22 Dec, 2016 – 9 Jan, 2017, so they won’t be able to inform us of any late payments during this time.

Pool Safety

We have been receiving a lot of calls from residents who have been concerned about people not following the code of conduct in the pool area. Please ensure that you and your guests:

- Only eat at the tables provided, not while walking around the pool, to avoid food going into the pool

- Ensure that children wear the appropriate swimming nappies if not toilet trained

- Do not bring glass into the pool area

- Be mindful of other people around you in the pool (so no bombing, throwing balls/hard objects in the pool, swearing, rough play around young children etc)

- Stay out of the lap lanes if not swimming laps, so residents can train without interruption

- Do not climb on the walls surrounding the pool

If you observe any behaviour around the pool that makes you uncomfortable or you think is unsafe, please call reception and they’ll ensure a staff member goes down to the pool asap.

Multi-Purpose Courts

Great news! Just in time for the Christmas break, the new tennis court [Court 3] and basketball court [Court 4] will be opening on Thu 22 Dec at 10am!

Don’t forget to book the courts online on Grovelife when you want to use them. We trust you’ll get lots of enjoyment out of the new facilities!


Security Reminder

Narellan detectives have asked for all residents to be very vigilant at the moment and to keep an eye on each other’s properties within Harrington Grove.

Please always ask door-knockers to show their identification if they are claiming to be representing a company doing checks on your property.

We have been advised that you should not let them in and that you should call that company immediately afterwards to clarify their claims. Please then call the police if the stories don’t match up.

Remember you can always call the Security Hotline if you are concerned about any security matter within Harrington Grove, on 1300 978 562, however we do advise that you call the police in the first instance for more serious matters such as theft. In the past few weeks we have arranged for extra security patrols during the day to help prevent theft that is typically seen at this time of year in most places.

I would also always encourage you to email me directly if you become aware of any break-ins or theft within the estate, as we adjust security arrangements based on the feedback we receive from residents and police reports. The last few months have been relatively quiet which is great to see – let’s hope it continues!


Loretta Downie

Community Manager

New KidZone Schedule

This new KidZone schedule will commence Tue 6 Dec, 2016.

5.00pm – 8.00pm Tuesday

7.30am – 10.30am Thursday

7.00am – 10.00am Saturday

Please note that as of Tue 6 Dec, all payments for KidZone must be made online or via EFTPOS at reception - no cash payments will be accepted. We have also set up a MultiPass Card on the Grovelife website, which gives you 12 visits for the price of 10. Also, parents who have more than two of their own children attending KidZone on any one visit, will only have to pay for a maximum of two children. The rest of your  children are free, making it more affordable for parents with larger families. 

We will trial this new schedule for a period of 4 – 6 weeks and will only retain the days/times which attract the most number of children.

Please do continue to provide us with your feedback and suggestions for KidZone, as we always keep a tally in our records of the days/times residents would like us to adopt.

New Kidzone Schedule

Magnolia Pool is now OPEN

The contractors have now completed all work on the Magnolia Pool, so residents can once again start swimming at the Magnolia Club! The pool is accessible from 8.30am, closing around sunset/8.00pm in the warmer months. The contractors have sincerely apologised for the delay and we thank all residents for your understanding and patience during the repairs. We hope you all get to enjoy this beautiful weather!


We understand that a number of residents have raised concerns about the repairs taking place on the Magnolia Club pool. The Magnolia Pool repairs have taken longer than expected due to the extensive investigation required to repair the complex fault. We have been doing all we can to reduce the delay and would like to thank you for your patience during the closure of the pool. The repairs have now undergone an extensive process of review and quality assurance to ensure the works are completed to a high standard and the works are now reaching their final stages. We have been advised that we should be able to reopen the pool within the next fortnight pending any weather delays. 

Congratulations Ryan Sakowicz

A huge congratulations to young Harrington Grove resident, Ryan Sakowicz, who has been selected to attend the upcoming Roger Rasheed Invitational Tennis Training Day at the Gosford Tennis Centre. GroveTennis Coach, John Thompson, has coached Ryan for many years and is extremely proud of this significant achievement, as are we all! Well done Ryan!


Camden Council is looking for bushcare volunteers to help us protect endangered plants and animals by restoring 20 hectares of unique bushland in Harrington Forest.


We’ve received quite a few reports of snake sightings over the past few days in Harrington Grove, so it appears that our slippery friends are waking up! Click here for further information on what to do if you see a snake in your area Snack Sighted Fact Sheet

Children in the gym

We’d like to remind all parents that children are not allowed to be taken into the gym, or left in either the Group Fitness Room or outside the gym while the parent/s are working out in the gym or doing a class. Due to safety reasons, staff are required to ask anyone found to be in breach of the conditions of gym entry to leave the premises immediately. Thank you for your co-operation!

Reminder of Residents' Responsibilities

As the estate grows and more residents are moving in, there is a need to remind residents of their responsibilites as outlined in the Community Management Statement.

We would like to bring to your attention a few reocurring issues that we have become aware of which are addressed below:

  • Vehicles such as trucks weighing more than 3 tonnes, caravans, campervans, trailers and unregistered vehicles are not permitted out the front of your property, either in the driveway, the public street or footpath within the community.
  • Council rubbish bins should be placed behind your gates or in the garage.

We appreciate your cooperation with these matters.

Finding Dory Movie Fundraiser for Make-A-Wish Australia

Finding Dory Movie Fundraiser for Make-A-Wish Flyer

Cleaning up after your dog

At Harrington Grove, we pride ourselves on the presentation of the streetscapes, parks and surrounding areas.  These areas are maintained to a high standard and we would like to keep it this way, which is why we are asking residents to be courteous to your neighbours and fellow residents by picking after your dog.

If your dog defecates in a public place or on someone else's property, you must remove the faeces immediately and dispose of them properly.

If you fail to pick up after your dog, you or the person in charge of the dog at the time may be liable for a maximum penalty of $880.

Please help us to keep Harrington Grove clean and tidy.


Magnolia Pool Maintenance Notice

The Magnolia Pool will be closed for maintenance

From:   3:00pm Wednesday, 10th February

To:       8:30am Thursday, 11th February

The Country Club pools are open until sunset.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Harrington Estates Management

Pets in Public Places

There has recently been a number of sitings of dogs in the area off their leash and unaccompanied. We would like to remind residents of your responsibility as a dog owner.

When walking your dog it must be under the effective control of a competent person at all times when out in public. This means that it must be on a leash and under the control of someone capable of restraining it. A small child, for example, may not be able to control a large dog. Under these circumstances, an adult capable of restraining the dog, should walk the dog.

Fines apply for unrestrained dogs, for more information, please click on the link below:


It is also the responsibility of the owner to take all reasonable precautions to prevent your dog from escaping from the property on which it is being kept. Fines also apply for this.

If you see an unaccompanied dog roaming the area, please report this to the Council Ranger on (02) 4654 7777 immediately.

Thank you for your co-operation.

2016 School Term Dates

NSW Government School Term Dates:

Term 1 - Wednesday, 27th January 2016 to Friday, 8th April 2016

Term 2 - Tuesday, 26th April 2016 to Friday, 1st July 2016

Term 3 - Monday, 18th July 2016 to Friday 23rd September 2016

Term 4 - Monday, 10th October 2016 to Tuesday, 20th December 2016

This information is correct at time of entry, for more information on school terms and public holidays visit www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au.

Dog Ettiquette

We ask residents that if you are walking you dog to please clean up after them.

Please carry a plastic bag on you at all times, then pick it up, tie it up and dispose of it in the bin.

We thank you for your co-operation.

Trev Test

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6




































Alarm Monitoring

In addition to the security patrol service currently operating in Harrington Grove, a number of additional security services are available to residents. 

These services include back to base alarm monitoring that ensures your home is monitored by a 24/7 monitoring centre.

The cost to residents for this service is from $15/month (normally $45/month). This offer is exclusive to Harrington Grove residents and conditions apply.

Part of the back to base option is to provide residents with a complimentary ‘Holiday Assistance Service’ to ensure your home is patrolled and to minimise the appearance of an unoccupied home. You can also nominate for the security officer to collect your mail and it will be held at the Country Club.

Having back to base Alarm system could help you to save on your insurance, check with your insurance company.

For more information contact SIS on 1300 978 562.

Pool Closing for Winter - This Sunday

The cooler weather is upon us as Winter is fast approaching and the swimming season is coming to an end.

The pool will be closing for Winter this Sunday 31st May at 5pm.

Why not head down to the Country Club and enjoy your last swim for the season.

Notification To Residents - Security Warning

Residents please be advised that there are people door knocking in the area claiming that they are security and asking to check out your security system.

We encourage you not to give information to anyone unless you have made an appointment for a company to visit your home.

Website Maintenance - Monday 9th March (2)

The Grovelife website will be closed for maintenance on Monday 9th March from 10.00am to 3pm.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Website Maintenance - Monday 9th March

The Grovelife website will be closed for maintenance on Monday 9th March from 10.00am to 3pm.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Community Room - Maintenance Notice

The Community Room at the Country Club will be closed from 8th February until 13th February inclusive due to maintenance.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Gym - Residents Only

A reminder to residents that the use of the Gym is for residents only.

It is a requirement that you have your access cards on you at all times and must be presented to staff on request.

Thank you in advance.

Booking at the Country Club & Magnolia Club

In the spirit of friendly community we ask that if you are unable to make your booking at the Country Club or the Magnolia Club, could you please call a Community team member or logon on to www.grovelife.com.au to cancel your booking.

It is a very busy time of year at both clubs, so please consider fellow residents by giving them the opportunity to use the facilities if you are unable to make your booking.

Thank you in advance from the Community team.

Christmas & New Year Opening Hours

Country Club, Magnolia Club & Harrington Bar & Grill Opening Hours

2015 School Term Dates

NSW Government School Term Dates:

Term 1 - Tuesday, 27th January 2015 to Thursday, 2nd April 2015

Term 2 - Monday, 20th April 2015 to Friday, 26th June 2015

Term 3 - Monday, 13th July 2015 to Friday 18th September 2015

Term 4 - Tuesday, 6th October 2015 to Friday, 18th December 2015

This information is correct at time of entry, for more information on school terms and public holidays visit www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au.

Security Tip - call 1300 978 562 for Harrington Grove Security

Residents can contact Harrington Grove security on 1300 978 562 to report any suspicious events. If you require emergency services please contact 000.

Lost and Found Register

Please note that we have a lost and found register located at reception.  Please contact reception if you have lost anything at the Country Club or Magnolia Club and we ask that you hand any found items to one of our staff - thankyou.