In fairness to all residents, Table 1 and the Alfresco Room cannot both be booked for the same event.



In fairness to all residents, a maximum of 2 BBQ tables at a time can be booked on the same day.



In fairness to all residents; a tennis court can only be booked for a maximum of 1 hour per day.

The Business Awards

HLS is excited to announce that we have been nominated for The Business Awards. 

If you would like to vite for us, please click on the below link 


We appreciate your support

Men's Golf Day

Due to the lack of registrations, we have had to cancel the Golf Day.

We apologise for the inconvenience

Winter pool closure

Please note that all the pools will be closed from Tuesday 20th April (last day of use being Monday).

Updated Gym Timetable 21.4.2021

HGCC Gym 21.4.21 resizehgcc-gym-timetable---21-4-21-resize

2021 AGM Minutes

Please see below link to 2021 AGM minutes. The minutes have been sent to all residents via your preferred communication. 

Magnolia South AGM Minutes 

Dancerwood AGM Minutes

Maculata AGM Minutes

Lomandra Rise AGM Minutes

Dianella AGM Minutes

Wildfire AGM Minutes

Michelia AGM Minutes

 Magnolia AGM Minutes 

Laurina AGM Minutes

Araucaria AGM Minutes

March / April 2021 Newsletter

March / April Newsletter 2021

NOtice of Adjourned General Annual Meeting

Precinct Associations Adjourned Meeting Notice-page-001

Be mindful when walking your dog.....

Please be mindful when walking pets to keep both your pet and others safe. Please ensure if your pet is not social, that you move away from others to eliminate any risk to owners and other pets.

COVID-19 Facilities update

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, for your ongoing support and feedback relating to the COVID-19 restrictions. The Executive Committee have implemented a plan to accommodate residents who wish to access these facilities, whilst ensuring that all COVID -19 policies are adhered to. With restrictions now easing in some areas, we are pleased to announce that life in the Grove is returning to somewhat normal.

From Saturday the 12th of December, facilities will be open to residents and their guests. Bookings to private rooms will be open as of Monday14th December on the Grovelife web portal.

Bookings for the Magnolia and Michelia Pools are no longer required. However, please remember that we do have to monitor numbers. Although these numbers have increased, should areas be reaching capacity, staff will use the first in best dressed approach.

Private internal rooms bookings for the Magnolia and Country Clubs are restricted to 25 people, with the Michelia Club having the larger the internal private room, is limited to 40. This is line with the governments current restrictions as stated below:

Community Centres and Halls

Maximum capacity summary


Capacity must not exceed one customer per 2 square metres of publicly accessible space. The density limit does not apply if there are 25 customers or less at the premises.

Children count towards the capacity limit.

Keeping the communities safety in mind, please note that all internal rooms used, will need to be cleaned thoroughly by the resident, failure to comply with this could result in a $200 cleaning fee.

We are extremely excited to announce that our Australia Day event can now take place. Details around this fantastic day will be communicated in the coming weeks.  

It has been a tough year for all, and we are really looking forward to coming together as a community in the new year.

Please also remember that children under 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult when attending the facilities.

Please familiarise yourself with the FAQ’s on the website, and pre COVID rules and regulations will still be place.

The QR code MUST be used to ensure accurate contact tracing requirements are followed. Residents are reminded that it is a finable offence to both the Community Association and the individual residents. It is extremely important that all residents and their guests sign in using the QR code system, to the facility upon arrival. QR codes are located at all entry points.  

Opening Times


  • Opening times as follows will be monitored and reviewed as necessary.

Magnolia Club Pool : 9am – 7pm Monday – Sunday 

Magnolia Club external facilities -  9am - 9pm - Monday – Sunday 

Magnolia Alfresco Room – by booking only -  9am - 9pm  - Monday – Sunday 


Michelia Club Pool :   9am – 7pm Monday – Sunday 

Michelia Club external facilities - 9am -9pm - Monday – Sunday 

Michelia All’Aperto Room – by booking only - 9am -9pm - Monday – Sunday 

Michelia Gym - 9am – 9pm Monday – Sunday - Bookings are still required using Grovelife


Harrington Grove Country Club: 8.30am – 9pm (no change)

Harrington Grove Country Club Community Room – by booking only – 9am – 9pm – Monday - Sunday

Harrington Grove Country Club Gym: 5am – 9pm - Monday to Friday – Saturday and Sunday - 6.30am - 9pm – Bookings are still required using Grovelife

Harrington Grove Country Club Pool: 5.30am – 7pm - Monday – Sunday

By signing in and attending the facilities you agree to the following, be aware you may be asked to leave for not complying. 


  • You do not have any illness OR cold/flu symptoms
  • You have not come into contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19              
  • You must adhere to all social distancing requests
  • You will sanitise your hands before entering.
  • You have not travelled overseas or come into contact with anyone who has travelled overseas in the last 14 days.
  • All residents are required to sign in via the QR code when attending the facilities to ensure that contact tracing is accurate and available should the NSW Government require, this information is kept on file for 28 days as required and then disposed of.
  • Cleaning will take place regularly throughout the day to all touch areas.
  • A ZERO tolerance policy will be strictly followed, any residents seen not adhering to social distancing, booking times or being abusive to staff or contractors will be asked to leave the premises and suspension of use of facilities will apply.

The COVID NSW website is monitored daily and as restrictions change so will the procedures that have been implemented.

The above has been put in place to protect the health of the community and safeguard against potential fines of up to $55,000.00 per club or venue.  This has the potential to impact the community budget by $165,000.00 should fines be imposed.

HLS and the Community Association thank you for your understanding and support on this matter.

Stay up to Date

Do you have Facebook? Join the residents only "Grovelife" page an receive all the latest communication at your fingertips!!

Harrngton Grove Photo Competition Winners

We had an amazing response to our Photo Contest and there were definitely some very creative and eye catching entries! Thank you to everyone who entered.
The Winner was Aishah Dannaoui with an amazing shot & Runners up Matthew Patterson & Andrew Larsen 
winner Aishah Dannaoui 
runner up   Andrew Larsenresize1Matthew Patterson

Tennis courts Maintenance

Maintenance works will be carried out starting Monday 30 November on Tennis Court 1 & 2 at The Country Club.

This works is estimated to be finished by the end of year.

Court 3 will be available to be used as well as Court 4 which shall be combined tennis/basketball courts whilst works are carried out.

We appreciate your assistance with this.

QR Code register at Clubs

All residents - please make sure you are using the QR code to register your visit at any of the clubs. There are numerous QR codes displayed around the clubs. Upon crosschecking with bookings and cards scanning in for access, we can see many residents are not following this. This is a government COVID requirement. If we do not have accurate tracking and a spot check is completed, the Community could receive a fine up to $55,000 per club.

Inflatables in the pool

Please note that large inflatables are not permitted in the pools.

Harrington's Bar & Grill Christmas operating dates

Harrington's Bar & Grill's  last trading day is  Sunday, 20th December 2020 and will reopen Saturday 9th January, 2021.

A Friendly reminder

Please remember that at this current time, all pools at for residents only. Due to the limited number of people we are able to have within the Magnolia pool, bookings are required via Grovelife. 

Light it Up Harrington Grove 2020


We’re bringing the spirit of Christmas to the streets of Harrington Grove!

Let’s sparkle & brighten up 2020 by decorating your homes with lights and displays over the Christmas season.

We will have 4 winners; First and Second prize, Best Street and people’s choice.

Entries will open 16th November and residents will need to be ready to be judged by Monday 7th December. Winners will be announced via Grovelife. 

For those wanting to participate in the competition, please register on Grovelife. 

To nominate the house you think should win People's Choice, head to



Harrington's Bar & Grill is reopening...

Harrington’s Bar and Grill is due to reopen Thursday 17th September.
Days of operation have changed as per below:
Lunch - Friday to Sunday
Dinner - Thursday to Saturdayreopening

Harrington Forest Restoration Project

Harrington Park Forest restoration Project notification flyer A5-page-001Harrington Park Forest restoration Project notification flyer A5-page-002

Country Club Gym reopening

We are working towards having the Country Club gym to open Saturday morning. We are waiting on further info to be released from the Government in regards to restrictions and as soon as we have this, we will communicate with all residents via email and Facebook.

Gym reopening

We are happy to say the NSW government has announced that NSW gyms will be able to commence opening as of the 13th June. HLS will continue to monitor the conditions and restrictions around reopening, over the coming weeks.
Further information will be communicated as more information is made public relating to restrictions.

Please be mindful....

Please be mindful when driving around the estate. As many more people are home and walking to get exercise, please remember to keep an eye out and be alert for children on bikes and scooters. 

Closure of Harrington Grove Clubs & Facilities

In accordance with the Australian Federal Government advised yesterday evening relating to COVID-19 and social distancing requirements.

ALL Harrington Grove clubs will be closed indefinitely from 9pm today (Wednesday 25.3.20), this includes the pools, courts and equipment.

HLS and the Community association are committed to keeping the residents of Harrington Grove safe. Harrington Grove has many walking tracks, fitness stations and park lands that can be utilised whilst keeping yourself safe and adhering to social distancing regulations.

We apologies of any inconvenience caused.

Stay safe and Healthy.

Grove Tennis Update

John from Grove Tennis has been given an amazing opportunity to head over to the John Newcombe tennis ranch in Texas USA in a few weeks to help direct their biggest coaching event of the year.  It’s called Legends week which has over 20 former professional tennis players that are now in the tennis hall of fame. John has been given the chance to work alongside all of these legends for an 8 day period. This is a great opportunity for Harrington Grove tennis as we have then been invited by John Newcombe himself to take a group of our residents over in the September/October school holidays. Thre are already 11 of our residents booked and ready to go for the trip. Congratulations and good luck to John!

Important pool reminder

Important Safety Reminder

It is essential all children aged 14 years and under have an adult within the pool enclosure.  We experienced some incidents over the Summer period that could have been avoided if parents had been in the enclosure.  If you see parents not adhering to this all important safety requirement, please contact the Country Club immediately.

Please familiarise yourself with the full code of conduct. Click here.

Harrington's Bar & Grill

Harringtons Bar & Grill can be contacted directly on 4647 9376.

Trading hours are:



Wednesday to Saturday 12pm - 2:30pm

Sunday 11:00am - 5:00pm



Wednesday - Friday 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Saturday 5:30pm - 9:00pm

Bush Fire Survival Plan

It is important for all families to have a bush-fire survival plan. Attached are some links to help you prepare.
Take care of yourselves and your pets in these extremely severe conditions.
Bush Fire Survival Plan
Fires Near Me App

Your Landscaping Team

 Your Landscaping Team

Skyline Landscape Services was awarded the maintenance services of Harrington Grove estate in February and have been busy during the very demanding season of high growth for lawns and gardens across the state. 

The landscaping team onsite consists of 5 people undertaking landscape maintenance and building maintenance across the three clubs and estate as a whole. 

Christina Palumbo is the Area Supervisor who is responsible for developing and achieving the teams weekly schedule as well as engaging with Camden Councils mowing teams to compliment their services to Harrington Grove. Christina has many years of experience in high profile estates having spent some time at Breakfast Point Estate before taking over the maintenance and eventually the supervision of Cape Cabarita Estate. 

Skyline Landscape Services is proud to undertake the landscape maintenance of Harrington Grove and look forward to making continual improvements across the estate through the Autumn and Winter periods in preparation for Spring growth. 


White Clover is a creeping perennial weed with a very vigorous growth habit. It is easily recognizable by its green, trifoliate compound leaves. The flowers are white and resemble a small pom pom, which usually extend beyond the height of the leaves. Flowers usually occur from spring to autumn. Due to its vigorous, flat growth habit, it is able to spread rapidly and easily compete with turf species. Although seen as a troublesome weed in many states across Australia, White Clover can be difficult to eradicate and is often a topic of debate within many gardening communities as it brings with it many valuable qualities to organic gardening practices, yet can be highly troublesome for anyone wanting the perfect lawn. One of the easiest methods to control White Clover is to undertake a post-emergent selective herbicide application to spray out and eradicate the weed. This is usually undertaken over a couple of applications to get the best results. Our lawn technician is currently undertaking post emergent herbicide applications across the common area lawns of Harrington Grove for broadleaf weeds including White Clover.


You may have noticed the team planting out new annuals at the Harrington Grove entry statements and selected parks across the site. The new plantings are called Dianthus and are an annual plant that is ideal for bringing a bright splash of colour to the garden. Dianthus are great in pots, hanging baskets and borders. These hardy plants have a neat and compact habit and come in a beautiful mix of colours.


Caring for your Trees

The street trees in Harrington Grove have been maintained in the Harrington Estates Nursery before being planted in your street, after which it becomes the responsibility of individual residents to take care of their street tree/s. Our landscape team strongly recommends giving them a weekly water, an annual fertilizer treatment and perhaps even mulching around the base of the tree to prevent the soil from drying up. If you'd like any specific advice on the care of your tree, please feel free to email us and we'll put you in contact with our landscapers, who would be only too happy to assist you with your enquiry.

Local Snake Catcher

Contact Corey – M: 0455 570 000 

Sydney Wildlife - 9413 4300 





Michelia Gym Access

The Michelia Gym is an unmanned gym that is available for the residents of Harrington Grove to utilise 24hours a day, 7 days a week. 

In order to access the gym residents must: 

1) Complete an additional induction form, acknowledging the gym is unmanned and working out is at your own risk 

2) Acknowledge you are aware of all emergency exists, duress alarms, first aid kit & defibrillator  

3) Return completed form to the Country Club so access can be updated on your card and the relevant label added

4) Request an induction if you would like a demonstration from a qualified instructor on how to use the equipment 


People over the age of 50 must produce a doctors clearance to be granted access  

Please note that if residents are found to be allowing others into the gym, their access to the gym will be suspended

To download a copy of the necessary form, click here 

Precinct Representatives

A reminder that each precinct representative on the Executive Committee of the Community Association performs their duties completely voluntarily, with no remuneration from the community or from any other source. It can be an extremely time-consuming role representing and investigating the views of residents within their individual precincts, as well as looking after the welfare of the community as a whole. All Reps are required to do this in conjunction with their fulltime jobs and family roles. Harrington Lifestyle Services acknowledges and appreciates the knowledge and skill that each Precinct Representative has brought to the Committee so far and the effort that each member of the Committee has put in to ensure the community is managed effectively and responsibly.

Pool Code of Conduct

We have already witnessed some unruly behaviour in the pools, particularly from the teenage/youth group. If residents experience any behaviour that makes them uncomfortable or is perceived as being a safety issue, we ask that you immediately call reception from poolside or inform a staff member while the offenders are still onsite. As the pool is unmanned, staff are unable to take any action unless informed by residents while the behaviour is occurring. Staff can then remind offenders of the Code of Conduct, perform a spot card check, keep a close eye on the cameras and follow up accordingly.      

Major points regarding the pool Code of Conduct:

  • People jumping off the wall into the Country Club pool can be asked to leave immediately
  • No large inflatables or hard balls such as tennis balls, volleyballs or soccer balls are permitted in the pools
  • No swearing, bombing, somersaulting or rough play
  • An adult resident must supervise children under 14yrs from within the pool enclosure
  • Glassware and alcohol are not permitted within the pool enclosure
  • Please stay off the lane ropes, to avoid further expense when they break, and stay out of the lap lanes unless doing laps

Access to Clubs for children 14-17yrs

With the start of the school holidays, we have been experiencing some issues with access to the facilities from residents aged 14-17yrs. Could parents please take note of the current rules regarding access for those under 18yrs:

  • Parents cannot give their children, or anyone else, their access card to be used at the Clubs. Cards are not transferable and your access can be suspended if others are found in possession of your card
  • Residents aged under 16yrs cannot use the facilities without full supervision of an adult resident, who therefore must be onsite at all times
  • Residents aged 16yrs – 17yrs can use the facilities without supervision of an adult, however they are not permitted to bring any children in who are under 16yrs, unless an adult resident is present and is responsible for the child
  • Residents aged 14 – 15yrs cannot bring non-residents in to use the facilities unless accompanied by an adult resident
  • All residents aged 14yrs and over must have had an induction in order to receive an access card to be able to use the facilities

Building Compliance

The Community Association is currently making changes to the way compliance is managed within the estate. This will be rolled out in stages over the upcoming year or so. We would therefore like to give you all a friendly reminder of the Building Guidelines for your precinct and strongly advise that you read these guidelines prior to making any external changes or renovations to your home or property, particularly if those changes will be visible from the street.

The top Five breaches of Building Compliance Items that the Sales team/Harrington Estates have had to enforce recently are:

  • Corner Lot Fencing
  • Front Fencing
  • Return Gate
  • Landscaping within the Council verge
  • Landscaping maintenance

If you are unsure of the requirements within the estate or within your precinct, please either refer to your Precinct Building Guidelines or contact Harrington Lifestyle Services on 4631 3200 and we will refer you to the person who can assist you with your enquiry. Doing so can save you a lot of money in the long run!

Logging on to Grovelife

For residents who are unsure of their username to access Grovelife, it is written on your Access Card. It is the first three letters of your precinct, followed by your lot number, then the individual number that you represent in your household eg MIC-999.01. The way it is written on your card, is the way you should type it into the username login section on Grovelife. Your password would have been automatically emailed to you after your induction, however please click on Forgot Password or call reception if you need your password to be reset.

Children in the gym

We’d like to remind all parents that children are not allowed to be taken into the gym, or left in either the Group Fitness Room or outside the gym while the parent/s are working out in the gym or doing a class. Due to safety reasons, staff are required to ask anyone found to be in breach of the conditions of gym entry to leave the premises immediately. Thank you for your co-operation!

Reminder of Residents' Responsibilities

As the estate grows and more residents are moving in, there is a need to remind residents of their responsibilites as outlined in the Community Management Statement.

We would like to bring to your attention a few reocurring issues that we have become aware of which are addressed below:

  • Vehicles such as trucks weighing more than 3 tonnes, caravans, campervans, trailers and unregistered vehicles are not permitted out the front of your property, either in the driveway, the public street or footpath within the community.
  • Council rubbish bins should be placed behind your gates or in the garage.

We appreciate your cooperation with these matters.

Gym - Residents Only

A reminder to residents that the use of the Gym is for residents only.

It is a requirement that you have your access cards on you at all times and must be presented to staff on request.

Thank you in advance.