In fairness to all residents, Table 1 and the Alfresco Room cannot both be booked for the same event.



In fairness to all residents, a maximum of 3 BBQ tables at a time can be booked on the same day.



In fairness to all residents; a tennis court can only be booked for a maximum of 2 hours per day.

Michelia Club works

Recently, a new bench seat has been installed at The Michelia Club playground. Work is also underway to replace the main doors & the Michelia sign on the stone work at the corner of Governor & Castlemaine drive has been painted whitew for better visibility.

Return of Harrington Estate's MobiQ

The long awaited Harrington Estate's MobiQ has finally returned. All booking enquiries can be directed to the Catherine Park office.

Camden Council's Garden Competition Winner

Congratulations to Gladys and Cosma Kontista, for taking out the Winner of the small Resident Garden at Camden Council's Garden Competition for 2018.

Harrington Grove's Michelia Club takes out Top Award

Harrington Grove estate’s Michelia Club won a Hospitality Buildings Award in the “New up to $10m” category at the Master Builders Association awards at the end of last year.

2019 Precinct AGMs


THE IMPORTANCE OF REACHING A QUORUM: Please note that a quorum is reached when there is 25% of the precinct represented at the meeting either in attendance or proxy votes. If a quorum is not reached at the AGM, the meeting will be rescheduled to be held within 7 days of that date, during office hours. This date will be determined by United Strata Solutions. During this rescheduled meeting, those attending will vote on all Agenda items, including the Precinct Representative position. A quorum is not required for the second meeting, so those attending will vote on and determine all agenda items for that precinct to adopt, regardless of how few people attend. It is therefore in a Precinct’s best interests, and indeed the community’s interests, to ensure a quorum is reached at each Precinct AGM. Physical attendance is not required at the meeting if a Proxy Form is completed and registered beforehand, whereby residents can nominate someone to represent them at the meeting and vote on their behalf. Proxy Forms are available on Grovelife and will also be emailed to all residents prior to the first AGM. These proxy votes do not count at the second meeting if the person nominated as the proxy does not attend that meeting. Residents wishing to vote on Agenda items must be completely up to date with the payment on their fees [due 1 Jan, 2019].

To download the Proxy Form Click here and either email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give to the person who will represent you at the Precinct AGM meeting.